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Design & Installation

HW Renewables Mechanical Design engineers are typically involved with the generation, distribution, and use of energy; the processing of materials; the control and automation of manufacturing systems; the design and development of equipment; and the solutions to environmental problems

The technical subject areas that form the main basis for their work include mechanics, energy transfer and conversion, design and manufacturing, and the engineering sciences. Through clever use of analysis, modeling, design, and synthesis, they solve important problems to improve quality of life in both domestic and commercial industries.

The Mechanical Design engineers work with teams responsible for developing a wide range of products and systems including, for example, Ventilation, air conditioning, underfloor heating, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, heat pumps.

The Designer will initiallty meet with homeowners or architects to understand the different types of Mechanical systems that will be required, then develop CAD drawings that outline heating, ventilation, cooling hot and cold services, along with the pipe work , ducting and insulation that completes the system. The plans generated by the HW Renewables Mechanical designer are used by contractors to install and maintain the building’s electrical systems.